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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
New Blog
Check it out.
Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Grammy Fever
The Ang found out today that Rebecca's husband is the proud recipient of a Grammy for writing the liner notes on the
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings: Anthology of American Folk Music.

We're all quite impressed. Manfred is trying to get Rebecca to bring the Grammy in so we can all take photos with it, but she's reluctant. Angie felt somewhat betrayed at "just now" finding out about the prestigious achievement. To prevent further faux pas, I made Rebecca a button that says "Ask Me About My Husband's Grammy" and instructed her to wear it to all social/business functions.
A Celebration of the Monobrow
Despite my recent unpleasant experience, I'm a strong proponent of facial waxing, particularly where eyebrows are concerned. There are few out there (Sean's one of them - damn him) born with perfect eyebrows.

But, in the interest of fairly representing all points of view, here is a site that disagrees, and in fact celebrates "the unity of your eyebrows."

Monday, November 17, 2003
Slow Goat Riot Needs Family Counseling
Sean's blog contains all the juicy and technical details of Slow Goat Riot's Friday show, which apparently turned into some sort of encounter group after I left. Personally, I think a laid-back female singer is just what they needed.
Another Way to Terrorize People With Technology
The hottest new thing for punk kids: bluejacking. Now I have a reason to get one of these cool new phones.

Sunday, November 16, 2003
Spinal Tap
Watched Spinal Tap with Greg and Brian last night. Sean and I were going to see School of Rock, but it turned out to have left the theater Thursday. Fuck Yahoo! movie listings. Anyway, we went over to G & B's place to drop of an amp or something. We went inside, and I saw a whole collection of brass instruments. Turns out Brian is a brass oficianado. I got a private little demonstration of the fine distinctions between the french horn, flugelhorn, and trumpet, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Anyway, Spinal Tap was great, and hilariously relevant to the antics of Slow Goat Riot.

It's worth noting that the first thing I ever remember hearing Sean say (not to me, this was before we met) was a lyric from Spinal Tap: "My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo; I want to sink her with my pink torpedo." I was equal parts disgusted and aroused. Needless to say, the disgusted part eventually subsided.
Saturday, November 15, 2003
Eau de Brewski's
I love seeing Slow Goat Riot play, but Brewski's is definitely the smokiest bar in Bremerton. When I got home, I smelled so bad I had to take a shower before I went to bed.

What else to say about the show. I can't possibly summarize it, and I'm sure Sean will have plenty to say on his blog. A few observations and highlights:

1. One guy--who no one knew--got totally drunk and was so disgusted with the sound that he completely took over during one break. Sure, he was drunk, aggressive, and rude, but I was impressed with the clarity of his thought. There was something I liked about that guy.

2. My favorite song of last night was Abyss, a Kvasir instrumental. I never really paid attention to Abyss before. Winston doesn't play on this one, and it seemed like Greg, Brian, and Sean were all very peaceful during this one song, a striking contrast to the chaos before and after.

3. Greg is by far the most entertaining member to watch. Ridiculously aggressive drum solos, the silly grin he gets when the crowd cheers for him, drumming with a cigarette in his mouth, and the bat-guitar.
Friday, November 14, 2003
Pain, Day 2
My face still hurts, but in a different way. My jaw muscles are stiff, like I've been...uh, chewing a lot of gum. I'm going to visit my aesthetician after work for some advice. (I don't know which is cooler, the fact that I have an aestetician, or the fact that I can spell it. I rock.)

We took our annual department photo for holiday cards today. Cause what your clients really want for Christmas is...a photo of the marketing staff. Sure. Since we're now an all-female department, and safe from sexual harrassment lawsuits, there were a lot of crass jokes about how we could put a little "added value" into that photo; send something special to our favorite clients. There are almost enough of us for a calendar. Remember, guys, when you used to wonder what an all-female submarine crew would be like? Yeah, it would be every bit as dirty as the all-male crew. Women have vast imaginations.

Speaking of women, thanks to The Ang for the word-of-mouth publicity, which is increasing my female readership numbers. Apparently Ang gets a big kick out of reading about my suffering and other miscellany, and has been telling others where the party's at.
Thursday, November 13, 2003
Is this better? I certainly think so. Went back (reluctantly) to standard web colors, which limits my palate. Really, I need to be able to create background graphics. Les is soon going to hook me up with a real blog, which will be located at Don't go there now, it's not up yet. Then I'll be able to do all sorts of fun things, and most importantly, take comments.

One remaining problem is the links. I got the Archives and Links lists looking the way I want, but now my links in posts are too light. CSS is really great, and I'm sure if I would take 15 mintues to read an intro tutorial, I could fix it, but I'm really more a tweak-and-test person. You all will just have to suffer with me.
Off Ten
People! The T in often is silent! Look it up!

While I'm on, it, you know what? "Oftentimes" is a useless word. It means exactly the same thing as "often." The extra syllable doesn't make you sound smarter. If "often" doesn't sound right, try "frequently" or "usually."

The next yahoo who says "off-ten" or "oftentimes" (with or without pronouncing the first T sound) to me is going to get a kick in the pants.
Guys, Don't Read This
I know my male readers outnumber my female readers. But here's another chick post. Got my face (eyebrows, upper lip, jawline, throat) waxed last night. And OH MY GOD, MY FACE HURTS LIKE A MOTHER! I feel better already, having finally admitted it. It didn't hurt too badly at the time, but now I have kind of a razor burn. I feel like the guys in that aftershave commercial--the one where the guy sprays his face with the garden hose, and another guy dunks his face in his cereal bowl.

That said, beauty=pain=beauty. It's worth it. The people who are *really* crazy are the ones who make their living by inflicting this pain. The lady who did my face--her name is Vivian, appropriately--was cool, but seemed to feel no remorse or sympathy. Even if someone asked me to do it--paid me, in fact--I don't know if I could continue doing something that obviously hurt them.

Any guys still reading? Go away. Girls, I know we're all wondering about Vivian's other, more intimate hair removal services. All she told me is that she enlists the help of the victim (my term, not hers) in positioning the body, so as not to "invade your space" (her term). She didn't say how much it hurts (as though you can quantify it) or how long it takes, and I didn't ask. Should I get more information on this, I assure you I'll share it.
Beer Is Good for You!
Yay! This study shows dark beer is good for your heart. Light beer has no benefits.

That reminds me, I drank the Blackened Voodoo Lager on Tuesday. It reminded me of Les's Dunkelweizen--a bit harsh at first, but then mellow. Rich and a little chocolatey, crisp, not sweet. Pretty filling and pretty strong.

I guess I need to work on my beer description vocabulary. More practice is in order...

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